It’s us against the system, man

My friend Emily and I saw “Point Break”, the play, last night. It’s playing at Charlie O’s in downtown L.A.  It’s such a brilliant idea: they pick an audience member to perform the part of Keanu Reeves, and a P.A. girl holds up his lines for him to read, while enthusiastically coaching and cheerleading him and giving an entertaining performance herself. The audience gets sprayed with water, beer, and a cool-aid-like fake blood. They also get meatball sandwiches, and the cast runs around in the audience during the show. Last night’s Keanu did a great job, and gave himself completely to the performance, letting them use and abuse him. His voice sounded a lot like Keanu’s, and that just made it that much more funny.

It’s terrible how much they make fun of Keanu Reeves’s acting. But it’s so accurate, and from what I’ve heard of it on the radio when they reviewed it on Kevin and Bean, he’s got a pretty good sense of humor about it. He’s a good natured guy, and he is well compensated for his “acting” career. The play and the experience reminded me a lot of “Rocky Horror Picture Show” except that I didn’t leave feeling like I’d just spent the evening with a bunch of Renn Fair fans. I laughed the entire time, and I recommend that everybody go see it while it’s here.


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