Rabies, I’m just sure of it.

Recently I was approaching the gate for my friend’s condo when I noticed a squirrel standing at the end of the walkway like a dog waiting for its owner. I looked down at it and it walked closer to me, walking one foot at a time on all fours like a dog or cat instead of the hippety hoppety thing a squirrel does. I looked down and said, “hi Rabies!” and backed away slowly, but it kept following me. I got myself all worked up about the rabies thing, and I swung wide around it and then moved fast to keep it away from me, yet the little bugger kept following me. All slow, too, like he knew I was afraid and was having fun with me. Later my friend’s neighbors told me that everyone feeds the squirrels a lot around there so they’ve just become very friendly. Also, I suppose if it actually had rabies, it would have been far more agressive and also maybe showed signs of being ill, but when I zoomed in on the photo, it did have water around its mouth.

Anyway he stuck around while I went and got my camera, and posed for me for a while when I got back. Cute little rabid bugger.


3 thoughts on “Rabies, I’m just sure of it.

  1. Steph says:

    HA HA HA!!!!!

  2. Janae says:

    You are so fricken’ funny! I’m so glad we’re friends…

  3. asia says:

    They are especially nasty creatures………………….

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