9:30 pm

The midwife and her apprentice are on their way. Ian and Bella just finished watching “Cloverfield”. Contractions are still 4 to 18 min apart, but appear to be pretty grueling. In between contractions, I told Jeannie that this was the third time she’s changed since I got here, and she didn’t think that was the case until we went down the list of clothes.
She is being very brave and quiet with her contractions, and doesn’t even appear to be in a lot of stress other than needing to be quiet and focus for the duration of them. Chad has music playing, and it’s dark in the birthing room, with just a candle burning right now.
I have had quite a spastic amount of energy and just finished scrubbing the stovetop with Ajax, having had no desire to either eat or sit down.
I guess when we all get up tomorrow, there will be another member of the family here, whose birthday is either on May 22nd, or May 23rd, and hopefully Jeannie, Chad and baby will be resting peacefully.


One thought on “9:30 pm

  1. Steph says:

    WELL!!! Any news!??

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