Don’t worry, I won’t get graphic

This is very exciting! According to the Bradley Method, Jeannie seems to be in between the “early first stage” and “middle first stage” of labor, or, the first two stages out of five stages of labor. She is currently in between contractions, and is laying on her back and resting. She really only looks about 5 months pregnant, to me. I would have thought that at this point her belly would look maxed out. Her contractions are about 4 to 7 minutes apart, are about 1 min long, and getting more painful than before. She’s got a furrowed look on her eyebrows but still looks peaceful while she’s taking the opportunity to rest.
I haven’t been there for a birth since my sister Asia was born when I was a kid, and I thought I’d have a lot of flashbacks, but because of the very relaxed atmosphere and the casualness of it all, I am reminded more of the birth of puppies. Everybody is going about their business, and I’m contemplating watching a movie. Gizelle wants to snuggle with Jeannie and was being very polite about it, but I took her out of the room anyway. She can snuggle with the rest of us, and Jeannie can focus on her body.


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