Something I ate?

Last night as I was sleeping in my apartment I woke up to gentle and inconsistent shaking of my bed. I don’t even know if it would have woken me up; I may have already been awake. As my shoulders ever so slightly continued being jarred, I started wondering if we were having an earthquake, and as it continued, I felt even more sure that the earth was, in fact, shaking. The big one, that we’ve all been hearing about for years and grows even more imminent every year, is finally upon us and we’re getting hit right as the economy is plummeting. My apartment building will be rendered uninhabitable along with many homes in the southland, and the main routes to work will take forever just like after the Northridge quake, and even if I could get to work, the further crippling of the economy will send the company I work for into a nosedive. We will all have to rethink the meaning of “status quo” and living off the land without dependence on gasoline will be far more appealing and necessary than ever before. I will move out to my parents’ property, and we will all pour our energy into gardening and trying to avoid the Mad Max world out there, and hopefully, the rest of the siblings will join us so we can all be together.
Then I realized the cat was just bathing itself rather energetically on my bed and that was what was making it shake.


One thought on “Something I ate?

  1. Steph says:

    ha ha ha!!!!

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