I love L.A. Not enough that I’d write a song about it, but still, I love it here. The weekend was hot, but the skies were lovely and full of wispy little non-clouds. It was overly hot at my house, but at my boyfriend’s house, we sat out by the pool and it’s surrounded by tall trees, so the breeze coming through the buildings and the trees is nice and cool. We will probably be in the pool a lot this summer. It’s almost tempting to order takeout and just stay there, full time.
I’ve been spending about half of my weekends in Playa with Tim, or sometimes more. I always tended to flake on my journalling when I was in a relationship, so it comes naturally that I would do that with my blog. Plus I really don’t want to blog about my relationship AS it’s starting. But we’ve been dating for several months now, and so I guess I can yip yap about it. He’s crazy fun, and so are his friends. On any given weekend you can watch them go down the list of the seven deadly sins and tick several of them off, one by one. I pointed that out and they said they hadn’t noticed. I kept up with the drinking for several weekends but was coming home so tired by Sunday afternoon that I finally decided I can’t keep up.  Yesterday I was at a party with Tim and his friends and I decided to focus my energy on photographing the event instead of focusing my energy on my beverage, and I promptly lost my glass of wine as quickly as I lose my cup of coffee in the morning via forgetting where I put it.

Anyway, that’s all that’s going on with me.  I’ve also turned into a big flake about returning e-mails.  I have never done that in the entire time since e-mail was invented, and suddenly I’m terrible about getting back to people.  I don’t know what prompted that, other than the list of e-mails I needed to get back to got too long, and I don’t spend any long chunks of time in front of the computer lately.  I’m sure I’ll get back to normal at some point.  I am sure enjoying my apartment, and I’m spending a lot of time at home to despite all of the activity.

I’m going to go to sleep now.  You should check out the “It Puts the Lotion In The Basket” song by Greenskeeper.   Unless the Silence of the Lambs was too upsetting for you.  Then don’t.   I’ve had that song in my head all weekend.   I want someone to sing that to someone on their first date.  Just start serenading them with their guitar: “…And then I’ll bury you un-der-neath a log”.


Itty bitty snuggly buggly wuggly napper wapper jelly bean poo bear

I took this pic of Christian last night. If he knew how much I wanted to nibble on his little toes, he wouldn’t be nearly so calm. I got to hold him for like two hours last night. He had this little angelic expression on his face that was so sweet, it looked like he was making that face on purpose just to see how high pitched my voice could get.