Summer at the beach

I had a great 4th of July. And having filled 4 Gigs of memory cards, you would think I would have tons of great photos from the weekend. But I don’t. I filled 2 gigs with photos of my nephew, then 1 and a half gigs with pictures of fireworks, and then the rest is photos of my sister’s pig and pictures of a man at the beach singing karaoke over an outdoor P.A. system to an unwilling audience.  I can’t just keep filling my blog up with pics of my nephew, although he is SO cute.  I wonder what he’s doing right now.  And don’t say crapping, sleeping or breastfeeding, because sometimes he’s not crapping, breastfeeding or sleeping.  Sometimes he just coos, and it’s cute.  Anyway, I took the fireworks photos thinking it would be a fun idea to string all the pictures together on a gif file and have it play through the whole show in just a few seconds, but you know, that’s a terrible idea. It just sounded fun at the time and a good reason to watch the whole show through a zoom lens (I use my zoom lens as binoculars sometimes).

Anyway, I still had a great time. I visited my siblings and spent some time in the sun. The ocean is terribly cold right now, and we had one of those wading sessions where you just wait it out until your feet go numb. Some douche bag was singing from his condo or house overlooking the beach, and he was by himself just trying to get attention from the crowd at the beach. He was singing horrible renditions of Beatles songs, and then he got a high powered water jet going for no reason at all other than to waste water. He gave up after a while because nobody was paying attention to him.

So now it’s back to life in Long Beach. I finally found the tree where the Egrets live. I’ve been hearing about them for a while but they were seeming like elusive little buggers. Then last night I parked under this tree nearby, in the dark when I couldn’t notice the incredible amount of bird poo around. This morning as I was walking up to my car in a light drizzle I noticed these two adorable Egrets strutting around in a cove-like spot created by a clearing underneath the trees drooping branches. As I walked up to my car I saw that there were more Egrets in the tree and, judging by the amount of bird poo, this must be their home. So now I’ve discovered that there are parrots and Egrets around my house. I wonder what else there is.


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