Cannot use the word “swanky” enough

In fact, please turn on Isaac Hayes’ “Shaft” while you read this post.
Got it? Okay:
Have you ever been to one of those “Lucky Strike” Bowling Alleys? They are so much better than old fashioned bowling alleys. They’re decorated all swanky, and dimly lit like a lounge. And none of that old depressing feeling.

Did I work at a bowling alley for too long?

Anyway, I tried to take a pic of the place through a mirror, to maximize the amount of interior I could stuff into one image. It kinda worked. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that the consoles each have two lovely swanky couches, that block so much of the walking area that you can only pass by them one person at a time. It made me feel like I was in one of those fun houses, where everything is compressed together. There is supposed to be plenty of space to walk around, and you shouldn’t be stuck out in front of the lanes just because you’re waiting in line to get to the other side of the couch.


Incidentally this is how much space a bowling alley is supposed to have:

It’s exaggerated a little because the lens is wide angle, but the pose is not exaggerated. I really do stand like that when I bowl.


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