Ich ging zum Lebensmittelgeschäftspeicher heute

Which very loosely translates to: “I don’t have to wait until Oktoberfest to get German food!!”

There’s a German market down the street from my work, and I stop there occasionally, including this past Christmas when I was getting stocking stuffers for my nieces and wanted to fill their stockings with as much variety as I could find. I got them each a frosted gingerbread man there. I love that about the areas I live and work in. I was craving Korean food yesterday, and I had Bibimbap for lunch. It was so delicious, I could have sung while I was eating it. It was even better reheated, later on.
Today I was craving sausage and sauerkraut after work, so I stopped at the German store, the Alpine Village Market. But you know what? I spent so much of my life as a vegetarian that I don’t know how to pick out sausage, if there are choices. I went to the deli counter and there were miles of sausage varieties, plus more along the wall and behind me. Remember in ‘Airplane’ when he went into the cockpit to fly the plane, and there were acres of instruments, gages and panels? It was like that except that nobody’s life was on the line, but like it in that I was all alone and had nobody to help me. Aww. There were, however, samples on the counter. I tried a few, and then when I finally got help, I pointed at the one I liked. This sweet-faced, stout woman said, phonetically, “Oh! Das is Kakawerhgenhk”.
“I will get you some.”
She brought me back a piece of sausage, and I said, “What is that called again? Kakaweghen?”
“Yes, Kakawerghenk” and pointed to the far end of the counter, where she’d retrieved my order.
I went looking for it, so I could learn a new word.
I found the sausage identical to what I had ordered, and it said, “Krakauer”. My favorite author. I’ll always be able to remember that. But I swear, she hit every consonant in that word with guttural sounds, and some of the vowels, too.
Incidentally, the phrase up top was what I got back from the English-German translator after I typed in, “I went to the Grocery Store today”. I typed that into the German-English translator, and got back, “Today I went to the food store memory”. I typed that back into the English-German translator, and got back “Heute ging ich zum Lebensmittelgeschäft-Gedächtnis”. I tried to keep going, but it started translating the same thing back. Maybe because English is Germanic. Maybe if you played with it in a more distant language, you’d get more and more scrambled each time. If I was interpreting German phrases, I would have said, “Today I went to the food store, and I don’t like you!!!!” But that’s just how German sounds to me.


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