I’m glad I live in Southern California

This is my favorite pic this week, from Yahoo’s “this week in pictures”:
I always follow the slide shows on the news websites, because they usually have a collection of pics from around the world that were the best of the best, depicting recent events.
I did a nice bike ride today and am now trying to keep my feet up, because I think I just destroyed my legs. It was only my second big bike ride of the season, and the season is almost over. We seem to be going straight from Summer into Winter. I’m glad I got out and did a few bike rides, some roller blading, some hiking and some swimming. Now we can start getting into shape for snowboarding. The first trip of the year last year involved me sitting down in the snow next to an intermediate route and pulling snow up to my body so that I could pack it onto my knees and stop the burning. I still can’t wait to go again.


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