That stuff with the things in it

I started my day thinking it would be a good day to learn how to make my favorite Korean dish, dolsot bibimbap.  Unlike sushi, I think it is actually something I can make without turning myself completely off of the dish in the process.  With these ingredients, even the mistakes are bound to be good tasting.  And it’s really not that far off from the kind of thing my dad makes, with brown rice.  Only the ingredients will all be inspected by me before cooking it, instead of while I’m eating it.

There are two Korean markets near my work.  One is a large foreign feeling chaotic market with a huge selection, and the other is a medium size, foreign feeling market that is well organized.   I thought that somehow the latter would be easier to shop at today, so I took my bibimbap recipe with me and started shopping.  It turns out that I don’t know where anything is, and even if I knew what it was, I don’t know how it would be categorized in that store, and furthermore they don’t have that cool stone bowl for the dolsot part so you can cook it on the stove inside the bowl that you serve it in.  Each ingredient was going to require a search through the entire store, unless I want to stop somebody and point to the item.  I was actually too shy to do this fourteen times, so I just grabbed some noodles, some seaweed, some random brand Kimchi, and then I got some Barley tea because you just have to drink barley tea while you eat Korean food, and I headed home.  I will have to try Bipimpblblblb some other time, but GOD was I craving it.  If I had been craving it any harder, I would have had to just go to a Korean restaurant.  Instead I opted to summon up the patience and wait, and see if I can’t drag one of my Korean friends with me to the store and lure them there by buying them lunch.  Not an economically sound plan the first time, but over time it will pay for itself.   You can give a blond, left handed Aquarius with A.D.D. a fish and she’ll eat that day, or you can teach a blond, left handed aquarius with A.D.D. how to fish and she’ll eat a couple of more times before she forgets how and has to have you show her again.

Anyway, I went home and had a very satisfying meal of white rice, seaweed, Kimchi with Barley.  It almost satisfied my craving.  This, people, is why I’m always saying I want a live in cook more than anything else in the world.


One thought on “That stuff with the things in it

  1. womantalk says:

    Most large Korean supermarkets sell pre-packaged bibimbap ingredients. That is, the meat and veggies are cooked on the premises and shrink-wrapped on a styrofoam plate. You just take it home and add rice.
    That might be a good intermediate step!

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