It’s all about the new

Tonight as I was leaving work, I looked up into a sky filled with the post sunset pinks swirling around on a backdrop of deep, dark blue and I started to get excited about the new world we’ll be living in by the end of the day tomorrow. Even the helicopter passing overhead just seemed like part of a colorful celebration about the kind of a world that tomorrow will usher in. This day that so many people have been waiting for for so long.

Tomorrow we’re going to have our first black president, and hopefully, same sex unions will stay legalized here FINALLY. Also, I’m pretty excited about prop 2, the animals one.
But most importantly, guys, no more BUSH! God, that was so embarrassing! Could we not do that again?
And yay, the polling place is just across the street.

In other news, this beautiful family I photographed a few weeks ago just had a baby:
They had a beatiful baby girl, 7 lbs 11 oz. I haven’t heard the name yet but it’ll be something that goes with Shane, Kelli and Shayli. I can’t wait to visit Shane and Kelli again and photograph that baby’s cute new feet!


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