These are some great intimate pics of Obama and his family watching the votes come in and then heading out to give his speech to the nation as the president elect.

Most of my evening today was spent with the Long Beach rally against prop 8. When I got there, I started welling up with tears just like I did the other night when Obama won, but this time it was just the sight of everyone coming together to defend their world. These are all such ordinary people, with families and relationships that shouldn’t have to be defended. I wasn’t even there with anybody, and I didn’t want to stand there getting all blubbery in front of a bunch of strangers. I ran up ahead of the parade before they took off, so I could photograph them coming towards me.




And how cute is this dog?



I had to leave early so I could do a photoshoot, but later I saw on the news that the crowd had swelled to thousands by the time it got to downtown LB. I saw the news last night about the demonstration in West L.A. and wished I was there, but the first time I got my shoulders squished together in the crowd this evening, I remembered how much different things can look from above. I do hope the fight continues though, and I hope we’re all successful in overturning Prop 8. It’s unconstitutional and mean.

And you know what the main thing they chanted was?
“Yes We CAN!”


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