Pics from Nov 15th March on City Hall, Long Beach (prop 8)

Saturday’s march went really well. Everything stayed peaceful, and there were some great speakers. Nobody has any interest in being angry, violent or radical. There were people there from churches, straight Christian families, Gay Christian families, straight people who don’t go to church at all (me), as well as a lot of same-sex couples who would like to get/stay married, and their family and friends.


I don’t know if you can tell throughout the course of the photos, but when we got there, the sun was shining and the skies were blue. It was the kind of day you would be wearing a tank top and shorts and still be hot. The kind of day where I might have gone to the beach if, say, prop 8 hadn’t passed. But throughout the short time I was there (an hour?) the sky started filling with smoke. It was the kind of thing that the crazy flavor of religious fanatics would say was god, gettin angry.

Incidentally, my favorite recent magazine article headline: “You Done Gone And Pissed Off The Queers!” from District magazine.Photobucket


This is what the sky looked like when we got there,

And this is what it looked like as we were leaving:


If Prop 8 isn’t repealed by March, there is a march planned at the state capital. Anyone interested in joining me?


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