I was riding in the passenger seat up to Truckee on Sunday and all I could think about, naturally, was cannibalism. As in the Donner Party, because Truckee is in Donner Pass. I think about cannibalism a lot more than the average person, but I’ve also read two books on the Donner party and watched a documentary about it last year, and went to the visitor center here where they have a memorial to the 1840-something ordeal, and a marker to show how high the snow got. Also, recipes. I was thinking about the history of the area so much that it felt weird to be sitting in the heated passenger seat of a warm Volvo playing Tetris on the laptop to pass the time, sipping my Peppermint latte from Starbucks and occasionally texting. I mean, if you don’t make a concerted effort to commune with the environment up here, then you’ll miss out on it entirely. This despite the fact that the snow was up to 4 feet when we got here. I thought about that the next day, as I was settling into a hot bath with jacuzzi jets in the master bathroom. I have gotten out, though. I’ve done a couple of snowshoe hikes, and a group of us went snowboarding on Monday. I was SO sore, and you can bet I got back into that jacuzzi tub. Tim’s family’s cabin is so comfortable and so well outfitted for everything you can think of. I’ll have to post a pic with my new point-and-shoot.


The snowshoes, which I had expected to look a lot more like tennis rackets. I should get up to the mountains more in the winter.



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