The Long Beach Aquarium

The Long Beach Aquarium is walking distance from my apartment, so we walked there today. It’s actually a nice long hike and we had to take the bus back, but still. It was a gorgeous day. I’ve never seen a harbor seal act so cute:


Also, since I have a waterproof camera, I could take pics underwater wherever they let you put your hands in, so I had a lot of fun with that.




There was a huge amount of kids there today, and many of them got loud and cranky as children do when they’re having a long day with a lot of walking. We seemed to be surrounded by kids that were losing it. However, I heard one little kid turn to his mom and say, “This is SO great, mom! This is SO fun!! Thank you, mom!!” His mom was smiling, and they were both so happy. I don’t think that kid was real.


Our photogenic Lorikeet friend. Tim was sprayed with bird dukie soon after this photo, but luckily it was like water, and disappeared after it dried. It was on the back of his shirt though, and I could have lied and told him it was a huge mess back there, and he would have been miserable.

I also started carrying around my door peephole from Lowes, also known as the eleven dollar fisheye lens. It makes having a point and shoot twice as fun.


I’m going to love having a waterproof camera!

Stephanie and I started playing with my new waterproof camera, while we were swimming in Venice. I do not understand how underwater photographers keep from bouncing back to the surface! Luckily we have plenty of time to figure it out, while we get in some exercise.
Do you like my hat?




Favorite photographs of 08

I was compiling a folder with my favorite photographs that I took in 08, and they don’t really represent the year in photos. I mean, there’s nothing in a “favorite photo” that represents my nephew being born, or moving to Long Beach, or Tim and I getting together. I also flew up to visit my sister in the Bay Area a few times, flew to Cabo, visited Alamo and Tahoe, and totally avoided Vegas even though one of my favorite friends lives there. I still consider avoiding Vegas to be an accomplishment for 08. We also got to play with Elephants and Monkeys!!! There were some great photo shoots, of people and of places. There were plenty of adventures. Oh, and great food. It was a wonderful year.
You know what, I should make a collection of the year in photos. In the meantime, here are my favorite photos that-I-took.










These are the kids that I spent Christmas with. They’re so cute. We tried gathering them on the stairs to get a group photo, and a decent photo was squeezed out of the shoot, but I like the candid, in-between photos that show the chaos of what that little photoshoot really was. From our point of view, a bunch of cute kids in matching pajamas that just need to sit still for a sec so we can get a photo for Christmas 08. From their point of view, they were ripped away from being able to play with their new toys, and made to sit still, with no real payoff other than being allowed to go after a few minutes. Kids, welcome to bureaucracy.
Do you see Tim’s genetics floating around in there?

More on the long hard winter of ’09

I stopped at Farmer’s Market today by the Marina. It’s the first time I’ve been to that one. They have odd hours that are hard to remember even though it’s a very convenient time. Maybe a little too convenient…
There’s a trail that starts just behind the market, and goes around the marina. It was so enticing that I put my fruit and veggies in the car and took a little walk. It’s so nice and warm out, and I still have trouble remembering to bring something lighter to change into for moments just like that.



That’s the market in the background.
I also picked up this cute little homemade apron there, for my cleaning benders.


I has a cheezburger but I wants yours….

It’s New Year, a new President (yay!!!) and it’s beautiful out, and I was completely out of sync.  I watched the inauguration, and I got goose bumps every couple of minutes, and even listened to  the speech a second time on the way home.  My day, however, was still dominated by PMS.  My Monday was dominated by it, and today.  I could have gladly indulged in Chocolate all day and oh wait I did.  The saving grace was that I got up early and got home early and could take a sweet long bath.

I didn’t make any resolutions this year, I more or less transitioned into a few resolutions over a period of time.  I’m eating a lot more fruits and vegetables, and that’s a big one.  Can you guess the other one?  Yep.  Blogging more.  The more I write, the more I want to write.

The food one, it comes and goes.  I stopped trying to go with some big change, and I’m fine with just trying to eat better, again and again, until hopefully most of it sticks.  I didn’t even actually eat that much chocolate today, during my day of crampsies.  I had some hot chocolate and then a couple of truffles.

Also I made cookies.  BUT I had a tomato, 2 bell peppers,  and an avocado.   How’s that?  Because if you don’t like it then you can just make me some healthier food and leave it at my door.

I’d rather just spend my evening throwing darts at things.