What is this “stealth” you speak of?

Point and shoots have come a long way since the first one I got in 2000 or so, when we were happy just to be able to look at the pic after it was taken.  Even thought I have a good digital SLR camera with a zoom lens, it’s still wonderful to have a good point and shoot that I can carry around everywhere with me.  I even got a purse that has a pouch on the side that’s just for my little camera, a holster if you will, so I can just whip it out and shoot at a moment’s notice.

The other night I was leaving work and noticed this car with an interesting plate, especially interesting in combination with the make and model.  Either he’s an obsessed James Bond fan, or an actor with a strong desire to have people ask him what he’s done, or he’s James Bond.  For a few seconds  I found myself SO wishing I had a camera, and then I remembered my trusty new sidekick, so I whipped it out.   I turned off the flash and got a pic, and then decided to try the “image stabilize” feature, since the car’s vibration was causing motion blur.  Unfortunately this feature causes the flash to go off automatically, which I only discovered after taking the pic.  And it was night.  And the pic was no good, since the flash lit up my windshield.   I glanced at the motorcyclist next to me, embarrassed, and he just stared back at me.  Then I looked at the driver in front of me, and he was staring intently at me in the rear view mirror.  Knowing my face was lit by the light of the signal that we were at, I couldn’t do anything but try to casually stare at anything but him.

So much for spontaneity.



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