This message brought to you by Tweek Coffee

I decided to try the book recommended by Jeannie that was recommended to her by Nathen, “Speed Cleaning” by Jeff Campbell and the speed cleaning team. I think what I like about it, as much as the time-saving, is that it makes cleaning into something fun. It never occurred to me to put 409 and Windex in cute little spray bottles and put them in holsters at my side.  I know this is the second time I’ve mentioned holsters and their convenience in the past week, and let that be a lesson to you if you feel like approaching me from my blind side.  Anyway, it’s also compelling me to make my own apron, but that’s not in the works yet. Maybe a little “S” on my shirt, for Superclean. But you know me, I’ll make a fun sewing project out of the apron and have a totally customized one that’s CUTE, and that’s just one more thing that makes it fun. It’s the speed cleaning aspect of it that makes it the most appealing, because in reality, I put off chores like crazy, in favor of leisure time. So yesterday afternoon, I got the book, an Ostrich-feather duster, most of the supplies that they list, and set about getting my speed cleaning groove on. A little while later, I was sufficiently grimy and dusty, wearing an apron, shorts, tank top and a do-rag, and I got a knock on my door. It was a magazine salesman, only he said he was in a contest, trying to earn enough points to go to Europe and bla bla bla.  I don’t slam the door in people’s faces anymore.  Instead, I asked him about the company he works for and got him to admit he was, in fact, a magazine salesman, and then heavily encouraged him to take his skills to another company because the economy isn’t THAT bad, is it?  I asked him if they’re making sure he’s well fed and taken care of, and tried my best to get him to consider changing jobs.  He showed me that he’s well dressed, which must mean something, and assured me that he’s happy and well fed and that they don’t keep big chunks of his pay.  I wished him luck and told him that I was glad he was at least in a good neighborhood, and we parted as friends.

Having imposed my maternal instincts on someone not much younger than me, I I happily got back to cleaning.  I bathroom monkeyed my bathroom in half an hour!!  I swear, the corners of the sinks and showers had sparkles.  It’s kinda hard to get into the swing of things when you have to keep going back to the book, turning pages with your wet, gloved hand, and then flipping back to the previous page.  It’s SO worth it, though.  I feel like I flat didn’t know what I was doing before.  You can waste a lot of time backtracking, and I didn’t know you shouldn’t use cleanser on anything that isn’t on the downward slope towards a drain.  Now I know.

…Now I know.


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