In which I drink a cold beverage and complain about the weather

It’s effing hot out.  I shouldn’t be complaining about it, I mean I live at the beach and it’s downright lovely outside, but like I’ve said before, most of the windows in my apartment face south, so I have this solar thing going on.  I like to leave the blinds drawn when I leave so that the cat can sit in the window and bask in the sun and complain about the birds.  This can make it so that I walk into a blast of hot air when I walk in, as though I left the heater on all day.  I moved in last January, and it started getting hot around February.  I’m serious.  Then around August I had this dillema where I realized the heater’s pilot flame was giving off enough heat to be annoying, and I thought, well, it’ll be cooling off in another six weeks or so, so I won’t mess with it.  But in October I was still waiting, and in December it was STILL hot here, and I’m like, what happened to winter?  Then just before the solstice we finally had a cold spell.  So I was like, oh god, FINALLY.  And now it’s summer again even though it’s January.  Winter is giving all its wrath to the midwest, or everywhere else in the country, and we are getting nothing.  I should plan a trip to the beach, minus the swimming, because the water off the coast here comes from Alaska and it’s winter in that part of the world.


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