I’ve taken a special interest in the Port of Long Beach since I started driving over it on those lovely bridges on the way to work. It’s just plain pretty, especially when the sun is just coming up and parts of the port are glowing with that morning light. I want to photograph parts of it, but since the entire thing is a workplace and not a city, I don’t know where to photograph it from. I’ll have to find someone who works there and have her show me where I can go, and by someone I mean my sister’s friend, Heather. Willing or not. People can always be bribed.

As I was driving over the southern bridge this morning, I noticed a large parking lot full of cars. I mean a lot of cars, like Disneyland’s parking lot. I wondered, for just a moment, what the event was. Then I remembered something I’d heard on news radio about the backup of import cars in the port. Cars aren’t getting sold at the rate they used to be, because of the economy and the credit crunch. People need credit to buy cars. I looked again and sure enough, all of these cars have that new car white tape over the bumpers. It’s an epic and tangible example of one of the many ways the economy is affecting the country. I mean I guess we’re supposed to be thinking about U.S. companies, but we are a Toyota family. Those cars have WAY more going for them. Let’s start with cup holders.




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