Favorite photographs of 08

I was compiling a folder with my favorite photographs that I took in 08, and they don’t really represent the year in photos. I mean, there’s nothing in a “favorite photo” that represents my nephew being born, or moving to Long Beach, or Tim and I getting together. I also flew up to visit my sister in the Bay Area a few times, flew to Cabo, visited Alamo and Tahoe, and totally avoided Vegas even though one of my favorite friends lives there. I still consider avoiding Vegas to be an accomplishment for 08. We also got to play with Elephants and Monkeys!!! There were some great photo shoots, of people and of places. There were plenty of adventures. Oh, and great food. It was a wonderful year.
You know what, I should make a collection of the year in photos. In the meantime, here are my favorite photos that-I-took.










3 thoughts on “Favorite photographs of 08

  1. My Free Time says:

    I like them all. Good work. My 3 favorites in order are #4, #1, #7
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. obnocto says:

    Wow, Corrina! Really nice work.

  3. steve lester says:

    Beautiful stuff
    Nice work, I’m proud of you.

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