The Long Beach Aquarium

The Long Beach Aquarium is walking distance from my apartment, so we walked there today. It’s actually a nice long hike and we had to take the bus back, but still. It was a gorgeous day. I’ve never seen a harbor seal act so cute:


Also, since I have a waterproof camera, I could take pics underwater wherever they let you put your hands in, so I had a lot of fun with that.




There was a huge amount of kids there today, and many of them got loud and cranky as children do when they’re having a long day with a lot of walking. We seemed to be surrounded by kids that were losing it. However, I heard one little kid turn to his mom and say, “This is SO great, mom! This is SO fun!! Thank you, mom!!” His mom was smiling, and they were both so happy. I don’t think that kid was real.


Our photogenic Lorikeet friend. Tim was sprayed with bird dukie soon after this photo, but luckily it was like water, and disappeared after it dried. It was on the back of his shirt though, and I could have lied and told him it was a huge mess back there, and he would have been miserable.

I also started carrying around my door peephole from Lowes, also known as the eleven dollar fisheye lens. It makes having a point and shoot twice as fun.


One thought on “The Long Beach Aquarium

  1. Otto Mann says:

    i absolutely LOVE aquariums!!

    We have the Miami seaquarium on my side of the country, and it’s breathtaking.

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