I should have someone screen my reading selections

I mentioned before that reading a book about torture led to a mildly anxious session at the dentist. I am currently reading a book about the great Hurricane of 1900 in Galveston, Texas. I have been aware for some time now that I am living at like two feet above sea level, on what is essentially a peninsula. This does not cause me to panic, but only because we don’t really get hurricanes here. A tsunami, though, would drag me straight out to sea. I find slight assurance in that my street is on a very slight incline, and I’m on the second floor. I think about these things. Also, later on this year, I’m moving in with Tim, who lives at about 100 feet above sea level, or something safe like that. However, my Stephanie and my Asia live at sea level, too.
At any given time, the grim reaper could just be standing outside our houses, waiting.
Anyway, have a nice Monday!


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