Out there

Sometimes I put my point and shoot away and just go outside and get some exercise and fresh air. Yesterday was not one of those days. Anyway, it was raining. My plans, as I left Long Beach wearing a tank top, pedal pushers and flip flops, was to go swimming with Stephanie after work. It was warm and sunny, and I had my swim bag packed in a most efficient way and was planning to leave work wearing my suit so I could get my swim on as soon as possible. Followed by, of course, underwater photography.
It was pouring out by the time I took my lunch break, and I did a lot of slip sliding when I went outside because my flip flops are old and are smooth on the bottom. This got me thinking about my front tires, which are a little smooth too. So I changed plans and rode home with Tim, since I was going to his house after swim time anyway. It was much nicer to be sitting in a heated seat in an all-wheel drive Volvo (high safety rating!) and looking out the window watching airplanes as we passed LAX on the way home.


Lovely view or hell, depending on whether you're going east or west

Lovely view, or hell, depending on whether you're going east or west


I LOVE watching the airplanes take off and land. I could do this for hours. I love it even more when there’s a thick cloud cover, because you can watch the airplane come in as just white outline and then lower until it takes on the full shape and color of an airplane, where seconds earlier there was nothing. Or vice versa, when it’s taking off.





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