Food, and it’s finally cold out!

This was a very food weekend. First, Tompkin’s square, the Bar/restaurant that Tim invested in last year, launched their new menu on Friday. I had been waiting to try their cheese plate, and it was in fact delicious. The boys were excited about the sausage plate.
Later I got excited about the cocktails, which then led to me being excited about everything. I was also introduced to this incredibly good Bluegrass/southern band, The Cousin Lovers, that night, at the Prince Of Whales bar in Playa.
Saturday evening we pulled out the new issue of Cook’s Illustrated and each picked a recipe and made it. While I was cooking, I discovered that Tim has the best olive oil EVER. If I ever buy you a bottle of it, know that I love you. Ours came from Bay Cities in Santa Monica. They have weird hours but great food and a thorough selection of gourmet food/ supplies.
I made the brown rice with caramelized onions and roasted bell peppers.

How awesome is that kitchen, btw? And yes, that is a gun-shaped bottle of tequila on top of the fridge.
Tim made the Glazed Roast Chicken using a beer can to stand it up with. It was the most moist, perfect chicken I’ve ever eaten.
Both of these links, btw, take you to Cook’s Illustrated articles about the recipes, but their recipe page is blocked. If you want the recipe, let me know. I’m looking forward to trying the brown rice with peas, feta and mint. I first have had to get over what is basically a phobia about brown rice being cooked casserole style. The texture takes me back to some unpleasant memories of experimental brown rice recipes, which still occasionally make me wake up screaming. Tim has the same problem, but with gnocchi.

Today we ate lunch at Chalet Edelweiss, a Swiss/Austrian restaurant near LAX. We had the cheese fondue, lots of bread, and I had a cappuccino. It was not very healthy. You have to have fondue at least once. In every city.
It will actually be a very foodie/ drinkie month, as I’m celebrating my birthday for two solid weeks. We will also be celebrating Asia’s birthday, my mom’s, valentine’s day, and Friday the 13th.


One thought on “Food, and it’s finally cold out!

  1. Christina says:

    I’ve always wanted to try beer-can chicken, and now you’ve given me even further incentive to try.

    I’m glad I stopped by here today; it’s been a while, but your photos are so vibrant, such a beautiful presentation of a life fully lived, I’ll be back again soon.

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