Birthday Weekend

My birthday weekend rocked! I’m only just now writing about it because I don’t know why. I had writer’s block and I spent the week cleaning and thinking about exercise.
On the fourteenth, the day before my B-day, I took Tim out for Valentine’s Day to a restaurant that’s about 2 blocks from my apartment and somehow I’ve never checked it out. It far exceeded my expectations, and I plan on going there at least ten more times this year. That was just the beginning of our weekend of gluttony.
Saturday I made blueberry crepes for breakfast, and then we went nautical antiques shopping in Sunset Beach. For lunch we got a Spinach CPK Pizza and I sauteed mini squash and tomatoes with mint. I was thoroughly impressed with it, but it wasn’t Tim’s thing. I had to sit there and shower myself with compliments on my cooking, and I believed every word of it. I was blushing from all the compliments.

Then Tim made me a huge dinner of steak, mashed sweet potatoes, and asparagus, and we had a nice romantic dinner at my apartment followed by the Argentinian red wine I had picked out at a local wine tasting.
I was pretty sure we were doing okay on calories for the weekend, but just to make sure, the next night, on my birthday, we had my whole family up to Tompkin’s Square. Tim treated everyone to dinner and we got to hang out with my awesome family.









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