He’s spacey, like me

I had a nice long visit with my nephew and my sister in law today. Christian is going to be a year old next month! His birthday is late in the month, so he’s just 10 months now. He’s a full-fledged crawler. He was looking like he was going to bypass that phase and go straight to walking, but he’s decided to explore the lower 10 inches of the world, for a while. He made no attempts at walking today and instead focused on pure cuteness.


I know that there’s a strong spacey gene in my family. My great grandmother had it, but everyone I ever knew who talked about her only knew her as a mother of 9 kids, so they just figured that’s how she dealt with motherhood. My niece has it a little, but I have always had it the worst. I have it to the extent that it’s like a physical handicap. I doubt any therapy could lessen the amount to which I space out, or how often. Christian, though, is a big spacer. He’s a very delayed reaction fella. It’s cute, especially with all the drool.


I guess he can recognize strangers now, and knows his people. I wouldn’t know the difference, because my camera and I have been up in his face since the night he was born. In fact, I think he’s starting to think of that camera as a family member.









One thought on “He’s spacey, like me

  1. gabe says:

    WONDERFUL! thanks for sharing

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