Summertime. Let’s keep it simple.

As Tim and I were picking out a storage shed, it started to dawn on me that this thing wasn’t going to be set up already, and that WE’D have transform it from a box of small parts into the thing we had meant to purchase. I don’t know how I managed to continue denying to myself that I was going to spend my Saturday night setting this thing up until I fell into bed, sweaty and exhausted. But I did stay in denial. Right up until about 2 hours into it, when it wasn’t even beginning to take shape and I’d already cut myself on the siding. We weren’t even done at bedtime, but we had to stop because we were making a huge racket. I just kept looking at the photo on the instructions that shows how to reinforce it for snow, which heightened my awareness that we were in a very comfortable and well-lit parking garage. Sure, we were sweaty, confused, discouraged, and tired, but it could have been SO much worse. Also, most guys I’ve known would have had a fit at least three times during that frustrating assembly. Tim freaked out zero times, and by late the next morning when we finished, I liked him even more than I had just a day earlier. We managed to get out the door in plenty of time to do what we had really wanted to do with our day, which was go to celebrate Chad Cooper’s birthday in Laguna, eat cheese and play with baby.



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