Farmers’ Buggin

I walked up to Farmers’ Market yesterday with my re-usable grocery bags and a healthy craving for the oranges I got last week, and I noticed that there were more vendors there than before, yet the same amount of food vendors. There are a lot of people selling stuff there, and a lot of people yelling out at people as they walk by, carnie style. There was even someone there who draws caricatures. Just as I was arriving, a woman yelled out to another woman, “That’s a beautiful dog you go there. You should commission me to paint a picture of it!” The woman with the dog smiled and turned and kept walking. The first woman persisted. “You laugh, but I’m serious. That’s a beautiful dog!”. It was a normal looking dog. On the one hand, I had to admire the persistent artist, because you gotta be persistent if you’re going to make it as an artist. There are people yelling out at customers everywhere, though, at that location. You can’t walk by anyone without feeling like they’re not going to let you leave their stand. It goes against the whole “Farmers’ Market” thing to me, when they let it turn into this swap meet/ Fair hybrid. The usual vendors were there too though, letting you pick out your vegetables and fruit in peace. I got my grocery list taken care of and got out of there. I hope it’s not that way all summer.


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