I heart my PetCam

I heart it so much.
I’ve been playing with my PetCam every day, either clipping it to my sun visor, or to my shirt. It takes the best pics outdoors. When I have it indoors, It keeps the shutter open too long, I guess. Like a Lomo. I had it with me the whole time when I went to the Santa Monica Pier, but I did something and it erased all the pics before I loaded them. I think it had to do with changing the intervals while it was in the middle of being used. It is also supposed to erase the pics after 5 hours, because it has no mem card and when the batt runs out, the pics are gone. However, today I shut it off after my ride to work, and it held the pics for over 9 hours. That’s good to know, because it opens up the ways in which I can use it.
I’m going to Chicago this Thursday through Tuesday for my friends’ wedding, and I’ll be visiting my Aunt Pat and cousin Gabe and his family. We’re staying in the Wrigley area and I will probably be photographing like crazy. The big shiny reflective sphere thing that photographers like to …photograph? It’s in Chicago. Just found that out. My aunt told me. And whenever my arms are full of luggage and I just have to keep on walking, I will have my cam somewhere on me, snapping away.


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