More Chicago

Traveling to the eastern part of the country can be hard on a person who’s on California time, even though Chicago is only 2 hours ahead. It’s even harder on night people like myself. We made a concerted effort on our first night to adjust, and went to bed at what would be 11 pm California time. Last night, we threw all efforts out the window and went out dancing until 3 a.m. Mr Scruff was playing two blocks away!
We saw some of the best break dancing I’ve seen since the eighties:

We also saw some terrible break dancing, but it was cute.

We left the place sweaty, exhausted and happy. Just like when I visit my sister.
Most of today was spent taking pictures, since the sun was finally out and it was a gorgeous, albeit windy, day. We walked along the waterfront, saw the “Crazy Legs” statues, and got up to the Sears Tower.


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