We took the Chicago subway, on our way home from my cousin’s house in the suburbs. I’ll post those pics when I get home. I had my camera out almost the whole time.
We first took the Amtrak train to Chicago Union Station before walking 6 blocks over to the subway, which everyone refers to as the “L” (El?). It’s strange to me to enter a large city from underground, popping up in the middle of it. I will always be that person who grew up in wide open spaces, far out in the desert. The subway is a complete novelty to me, and it’s such a contrast to be surrounded by people who are in the middle of their commute, looking ahead as vacant as I’m sure I do when I’m driving home from work at the end of the day. I was looking at people’s small packages and thinking of all the crap that fills the trunk of my car, and how all that crap gets hauled around with me everywhere I go, every day.
I like having my car filled with my own music and I like the solitude, but it would also be nice to just sit and read until I got home. Plus, hey, public transport is so much better for the environment.
And who knew, back when man first started building tunnels, that they would eventually become so brightly colored and pretty?


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