Tutorial, with lil’ Christian

This is a technique shown to me by one of my genius co-workers. Using small files, put a series of images into one multi-layered image, stacking them in order starting with the first one in the time sequence. Click the colorful ImageReady icon at the bottom of the toolbar in Photoshop. This opens the image in Image Ready. Deselect the eye icon in the layers menu for all layers except for the bottom one. Click the “Add New Layer” icon in the edit bar at the bottom, and add as many frames as there are layers. As you do this, enable the visibility of the first layer for the second frame, then the second layer for the third frame, and so on until you have a frame that has each layer showing by itself on it. Then select all layers, right click over the number that’s just below the image in the first frame, and choose the time that you want each frame to be showing. then click play to test the timing. Under file, choose “Save Optimized As”.
The file takes up a lot less space if it’s black and white.

Christian Holden Murdy, being sung “happy birthday” to by friends and family on his 1st birthday:


One thought on “Tutorial, with lil’ Christian

  1. Steph says:

    SO Adorable!!

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