So it turns out there are a lot of college students living in my neighborhood. I came home today to a pile of furniture in my parking space. That’s the kind of thing that only college kids do, when they’re moving. Outta sight, outta mind. Someone decided to put it next to the trash, in lieu of putting it in the trash. So the trash guys can come along and ignore because it’s not in the trash. Everybody is moving at once, which I’ve only seen in Isla Vista, that little college town that I used to live in next to UC Santa Barbara. The next door neighbor moved out and apparently was having a plumbing problem. All I know is I got a call today from the manager, and she said that she was sorry but that there was a plumbing issue and that I may come home today to a plumber cleaning up a mess in my bathroom. I called my friend Jenn, who lives up the street and has a key, and she stopped by to make sure the plumber hadn’t let the cat out. I got home while she was still there saying hello to my cat. She had some nice perfume on and she smelled SO MUCH better than my apartment. I am so glad that I keep my bathroom extremely clean, because otherwise it would have been so much worse. They cleaned it up, and I can’t even tell which was leaking, the toilet, the sink or the tub. If I hadn’t kept it so clean, I might know by which of those things was clean. But everything is unharmed with the exception of the floor, which looks like it’s been violated. EEuw, what if it leaked in under the walls??
I’m going to have nightmares about the trash compactor in Star Wars now.
Anyway, so, the kids. I was carrying out a bag full of gross towels out to the trash, and a car load of college girls had their car stereo cranked up and were singing along with it, “I wanna F**K every GIRL in the WORLD” and never have I felt so disconnected with today’s youth. In my day, we sang along with NWA, and it was only boy on girl action that we sang about. I envy their liberation.
Generally speaking, even though there are a lot of loud parties and random peals of screaming and yelling, it could be a lot worse. These kids are just letting off energy. In an area without a bunch of college kids, constant noise would only mean you live in a bad neighborhood.
And now I am inspired to play rap music while I clean my bathroom.
blue harvest


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