Burrowing owls in Joshua Tree

There’s a nest of burrowing owls near my parents’ house, inside of someone’s yard. They are a funny animal with an intense stare. Even if there wasn’t a chain link fence, I couldn’t get any closer to them, because they’re pretty skittish. The parent owl was quick to tell the kids to get back in the hole and then fly off and give me a piece of her mind from further away. It’s funny that they would raise their babies in a spot so close to two streets, with cars probably going by every few minutes, when there are so many other out of the way places that they could have raised their babies. The six foot fence probably gives them a little bit of security, but I doubt they did that on purpose. They are, after all, birds. The parents stare suspiciously when people go by, and the babies just stare.





One thought on “Burrowing owls in Joshua Tree

  1. […] more pics at Corrina’s blog here. There were lots of wild animal sightings too, including a family of burrowing owls, a rattlesnake, and a wild desert tortoise. Corrina tried out a petcam (on herself) that weekend […]

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