I don’t like watchng my life whooosh by without doing any blogging about it, or any journal-ing whatsoever. It was easier when I just had a lined notebook to journal in.
Writing isn’t as easy when you’re happy. Art, and I consider writing to be an art, isn’t as easy to produce when you’re not brooding, but it’s definitely harder to write. I don’t feel any urge to dissect why I’m happy, or ponder the universe for meaning. Also I’m not in my angst-filled 20’s that compelled me to write for hours.
But these years will fly by so fast.
So here’s what I’ve been up to, in general:
I’ve been working as a photo retoucher for 7 years now, both full-time and freelance.
I’ve recently started volunteering for Golden Retriever Rescue, well-organized volunteer network that takes in Goldens from both shelters and owner turn-ins. In the years of not having dogs, I’ve forgotten how much I love Goldens and their cuddly personalities. I forgot how I fell in love with the breed when I was ten, and studied the Golden Retriever section of the AKC dog book, and memorized all their standards and what breeds were used to develop the breed of Goldens. It’s all coming back to me when I walk them, and in different dogs you can see their background of Bloodhounds, Labradors, Irish Setters, Chesapeak Bay Retrievers, etc. I am obsessed with tracing the lineage of things, whether it’s language, race, or in this case, breeds. In conversation, it wavers heavily between awkward and boring.
I started teaching myself to bake pastries and artesan bread. Not a good idea in terms of calories, but it’s a great time to be my friend! And yeah, I photograph everything. Except for the pie I made the other day, which Tim and I tore into with such gusto that I only remembered to photograph it after it was cut into. Trust me when I say that this pie crust is to die for.
Truthfully, though, I’ve become so bad of a blogger that I went to Hawaii last month and didn’t post ANY picture on my blog. I took a ton of photos, too!
It also saddens me to let unblogged things go by like the Roger Water’s “The Wall” concert we went to, where I paid attention to Pink Floyd’s music for the first time in my life and realized that they are musical geniuses. This is something everyone else my age and older already knows, but its been playing in the background of my life for so many decades not that it was more of a jingle than anything else, and the nature of being exposed to good music in that way is that you never, ever get to hear it for your first time. That night at Staples Center in downtown LA I heard Roger Waters sing for the first time, and I cried through most of the concert, at the beauty of it. Granted, it was a hormonal day anyway. I also choked back tears when I was standing in line to buy tickets and Rosanna Arquette walked by. No reason for that, other than she’s so pretty in real life.
I don’t think I’ve blogged about any of the Zircon-Wish Circuses, which I deeply love going to and watching them perform their silk areal stunts which and then dancing all night. They keep outdoing themselves with their creativity and physical abilities.
We also got 2 new members of our family when my mom and dad adopted 2 Golden retrievers, Molly and Teddy. These guys are so fun to watch. They are often synchronized, like twins. I could go on about them for hours. Instead, I’ll just share a few pics: