Yay, it’s that time of year again! No, seriously!

We’re enjoying the season in stride, with most of our shopping done -but not all! We don’t want to slip out of holiday mode. And I can’t keep baking, because I’ll run out of people to help me eat it.
We’re packing for our trip up to the High Sierras, where a couple of heavy snowstorms seem to be awaiting us. Also if all goes well, an igloo. Here’s our tree:

Yes, that’s a framed image of a tank next to the tree. We love Banksy in this house.
But more important than the holidays, have you seen the HotBooth App? Rather than making you fat or old (see Fat Booth or Old Booth), you can add makeup or accessories to your photo. Or a kitten. I’ve been playing with a pic of one of my favorite people, Avegail:

You can only imagine what I did with this photo:

One of our favorite things this season, though, was figuring out how make the Hawaiian Kettle Corn that we had as an appetizer at our current favorite restaurant discovery, the A-frame.

When you get it just right, which only happens if you go to Farmer’s Market and pick up actual kettle corn, it is so delicious, and you can’t stop until your hands are covered with butter and the japanese seaweed seasoning.
So we’re all geared up for a nice holiday season, and I’m sure it will only get better.



I found a Pet Cam! I was first inspired to buy one after I saw this one, and thought I was going to have to order a half-way decent one and then figure out a way to secure it to a pet collar. Or to myself. But yesterday, while taking Tim birthday shopping, I found this little baby:
I can’t wait to clip it to the collar of our family dog, Max, at holiday time, and see what comes back. It could also be fun to clip it to Christian, but he’d have to not know it was on him.
In the meantime, I’m trying to figure out a way to make it into a giant necklace, which I guess is where my sister Lisa comes in. I clipped it to my sun visor on the way home today and got the following images. Note: I rotated the visor during the last part of my trip. I promise I wasn’t driving straight into the ocean.