Links Archive

Honda chain reaction commercial: They got it right on the 606th try.

Sleeve faces: Huge Flickr pool of people matched up with record sleeves.

Little Superstar: A little cute, a little creepy.

Roger Rabbit weasel chase scene dubbed in German: Cartoon weasels talking in German. It’s just awesome.

Chocolate Rain: I didn’t know it was a real song. I can’t believe how deep this dude’s voice is.

Bush n Blair at the gay bar: Just as good as the original Electric Six video for Gay Bar.

Pensionbook: Facebook for the elderly.

Images of Extremes: Unicef’s photos of the year 2007.

Tiny website: The world’s tiniest website.

Match-O-Matic: find out your political candidate.

Fainting goats: news story about the breed of fainting goats. I want to meet them!

Base jumping: Video of men jumping off a mountain with wingsuits on.

Spirituality quiz: Find out what religion you are with this easy quiz

Strange Maps: A blog made up of unusual maps, such as a world map of doctors per person.

7 hours on the Tarmac: A mini-documentary filmed on a cell phone and well-edited. He and the other passengers got a refund after the airline saw the documentary.

Wookipedia: All Star Wars.

Crapping Seagull game

Silly dog video

Fake Craigslist: “Fo Shizzle my nizzle kangarizzle”

Condom ad

Cat cam


One thought on “Links Archive

  1. coffee says:

    i nominate Chocolate rain as the #1 most likely song to get stuck in a person’s head

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